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Jo McGuire

Jo McGuire

In her professional life, Jo is the Director of Compliance and Training for Conspire!, Jo McGuire is a DATIA Certified Professional Collector and Trainer (CPCT) and a Certified Designated Employee Representative Trainer (CDERT), overseeing the drug and alcohol compliance of federal DOT guidelines for the Conspire! franchise. Jo also assists with the Intention Prevention Town Hall events, aimed at youth drug prevention and parent resources through awareness and education.

Jo McGuire’s career began in the field of elementary education and quickly evolved to focus on teaching parents how to stay connected with their children through adolescence. Finding a niche in the non-profit sector, she spent over 15 years in the development of projects for risk-reduction, increased education and prevention programs in the field of youth intervention and school safety.

As the program manager for a Colorado statewide prevention initiative focused on school violence prevention, Jo received recognition by the Colorado Department of Public Safety, the Colorado State Patrol the Safe2Tell Board of Directors and the Colorado Springs Police Department for her outstanding achievements in the field of school safety and critical infrastructure management. She has served on the Colorado-Ready planning team, the Adams County Youth Initiative prevention council, the Colorado School Safety Planning Team, the Automated Critical Asset Management System and has been a member of the Colorado Association of School Executives. She has worked extensively with public and private foundations in collaborative efforts for community wellness, awareness and education such as the I Love U Guys Foundation, the El Pomar Foundation, AARP, The Colorado Trust, Children’s Hospital, and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Faith-Based & Neighborhood Partnership.

As an accomplished writer and speaker, Jo has traveled extensively to conduct seminars, trainings, conference workshops and leadership retreats for the public, private and non-profit sector. She is a contributing author to magazines such as DATIA Focus, Addiction Professional, etc. She has successfully attained and managed over 2.5 million dollars in grant funded-projects over the course of her career at both the local and federal level and has served as a consultant for non-profit grant writers and project managers.

Most recently, Jo was appointed to serve on the Colorado Governor’s Task Force, convened to recommend a legislative framework for the regulation of marijuana after the passage of Amendment 64. As a part of the Taxation, Banking and Civil Law work group, Jo lends her expertise in the form of recommendations for drug and alcohol testing in the workplace. Jo has also joined efforts with concerned citizens around the state to support SAM (Smart Approaches to Marijuana) a national effort led by Dr. Kevin Sabet that is focused on bringing the proven medical research and scientific data to the forefront of the national effort to legalize marijuana in the U.S. Jo has helped organized the Colorado chapter and works closely with national health experts to educate state and federal policy makers on the importance of public health, pertaining to drug and alcohol testing practices.

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